How to style Skirt & Flannel

Today’s fashion post is all about this look shot yesterday and when i went to work. I have been wearing it very often since this is so comfortable to wear, especially in summer days.
The Skirt I’m wearing is mid-waist fitted black skirt from Reliance trend, it’s a fitted skirt in thick stretch jersey with elasticized waistband.
The plaid flannel shirt from ZARA with a woven cotton fabric with button down collar and I like to knot in the front to create a sleek and sexy look. IMG_1679



Shoes are from ALDO and leather Travelling Bag is from Hidesign .

So I hope you like my first blog on fashion and hopefully I will try to upload more of fashion as well as makeup blog soon. Keep having fun with your creation and keep mixing style and have fun with it.

Thanks for stopping by, Love ❤




Author: sukanyadas

Hello World! My name is Sukanya Das and this is my new blogging site. I’m a certified makeup artist and a skilled hair stylist. I’ve worked on bridal makeup, fashion makeup, theatrical makeup, thematic makeup, etc. I’m also skilled for character makeup and special effects makeup. I am highly creative and able to use makeup as an artistic medium to create both special effects as well as to help people look their best. I view bodies and faces as my artistic canvas and cosmetics as my artistic palette.

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