Lady- Like👩‍⚖️

Ladies and Gentlemen summer is here more longer days,more sunshine,warmer temperatures and happy moods.What does this mean?🤔 Yes guessed it! Finally free all your colourful,light/blouses/dresses/trousers/skirts  from their winter sleep.

I will miss you winter!All-white outfits are one of my favourite kind of outfits to wear. It instantly adds an elegant and sophisticated vibe in my opinion. In this outfit, I decided to make a fancy top a bit more casual by wearing jeans. I paired it with my go-to mirrored sunnies which took the look to a whole new leve.I love wearing white during the summer days, it keeps things simple and fresh, but also elegant at the same time. Despite all of this, I know that wearing head to toe white outfit can be tricky. My solution is to break up the whites by mixing different shades, fabric and textures.😎

White is a beautiful colour and can be worn all year round. It’s also one of my favourite colours and I love the all-white trend. When it comes to white, I love investing in classic pieces that will not go out of trend with changing seasons. For example, a classic white denim and a white tee combo is here to stay forever and I have teamed them up to create my white-on-white outfit. This combination is perfect for a day out and can easily be dressed up with a white blazer for the evenings. I am carrying a white sling bag to complete the look.

  • T-shirt—> ZARA
  • Sling Bag—> ADD ONE
  • Watch—> KENNETH COLE
  • White Denim—> LEVI’S
  • Foot Wear—> METRO

I hope you enjoy this post. Have a wonderful day you guys!

Thanks for stopping by, Love ❤️ 


Author: sukanyadas

Hello World! My name is Sukanya Das and this is my new blogging site. I’m a certified makeup artist and a skilled hair stylist. I’ve worked on bridal makeup, fashion makeup, theatrical makeup, thematic makeup, etc. I’m also skilled for character makeup and special effects makeup. I am highly creative and able to use makeup as an artistic medium to create both special effects as well as to help people look their best. I view bodies and faces as my artistic canvas and cosmetics as my artistic palette.

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