The color of nature!

Hey guys hey!! I am back again with a new post.😎

Below in my pictures, you can see how much I love nature. 

  It was drizzling that day which made me visit this wonderful and peaceful place, located in kazaringa. It’s a resort named, The Landmark Resort. If you haven’t been there already, I would just say you are missing something great in life. 
Going there always means a happy and fulfilled day for me. 

I love to spend my time here only with few special people : Cousins , Selective friends and with mom, dad, sis and jiju! 

Since, I have always been staying away from home so I make sure I visit this beautiful place along with two more resorts every time when I am home. I had been coming here from a very long time. Not many people knew about this place but now I can see it’s getting famous. 

I guess it’s time for me to switch to different resorts 😜 which are isolated! 

I don’t really love to be surrounded by people. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an Alien ! 

     Now let’s get on to where I snagged this cute lil dress, the jewellery and my pair of pink and green heels. 

I got this nature friendly dress from ~Zara   which is very comfortable and stylish at the same time and with a back like that, not only I but anybody can slay. 
I added jewellery from ~w jewellery. I love accessorizing myself. Watch is from ~Giordano. •Lost few stones of the watch by dropping it while shooting😔. Hope to fix it soon.☝🏼

Those heels, are from  ~Steve Madden and are my favourites. 
Hope you all liked the look. 

See you guys soon again. 
Happy Saturday !🍷
Thanks for stopping by, Love ❤️ 


Author: sukanyadas

Hello World! My name is Sukanya Das and this is my new blogging site. I’m a certified makeup artist and a skilled hair stylist. I’ve worked on bridal makeup, fashion makeup, theatrical makeup, thematic makeup, etc. I’m also skilled for character makeup and special effects makeup. I am highly creative and able to use makeup as an artistic medium to create both special effects as well as to help people look their best. I view bodies and faces as my artistic canvas and cosmetics as my artistic palette.

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